Sakamoto model

The history of Sakamoto Model began as a manufacturer of models for medical training, and nowadays we develop and manufacture a wide range of simulators for training nurses and other medical staff.
Our first products were anatomical models, and we have expanded our range to cover a wide range of nursing areas such as injection simulators.
Our product development is designed to make accurate technical training possible, by creating realistic models which match the realities of the human body, while also allowing training to be carried out efficiently within a limited time.
And also, we want to nurture health professionals who can empathize well with their patients.
Supple skin texture and beauty are also important parts of Sakamoto Model's commitment to quality.

  •  Smooth skin
  •  Supple joints
  •  Actual injection is possible/No needle marks remain
  •  True/false judgments using sound and light


New Tomoko

At Sakamoto, we take pride in our balance between attractiveness and ease of use.
For example, our "New Tomoko" model has a slightly-open mouth in order to make it easier to carry out oral hygiene and gastric lavage.
Our models are designed for attractiveness and ease of use, not in order to achieve the same degree of beauty as a mannequin, but in order to make it possible to acquire solid skills in nursing techniques.
By touching "New Tomoko" directly while learning, students can learn to develop greater kindness and feelings of care for their patients.

Sakamoto Model Channel




Injection Model of
Upper Arm Muscles

Accessories: Drain bag, Storage case


Catheterization &
Enema Simulator

Accessories: Simulated soft stools (yellowish-brown), simulated soft stool mixing container, simulated soft stool stirring rod, tray, replacement non-return valve (x2), bottle (1 L), bottle stand, balloon catheter 16Fr, Nelaton catheter 8EG, special lubricant, baby powder, storage case


Simulator 2

Accessories:Fetus (for palpation), simulation Doppler transducer(x1), simulation labor transducer (x1), Doppler transducer fixing belt(x1), labor transducer fixing belt (x1), baby powder, foetal cushion,simulation recording paper (4 types), AAA batteries (x4), storage bag