Transparent Suction ModelMovie Weight: About 5.5Kg Case size: W68x D34x H32cm
Accessories: Suction tube with LED light, Lubricant oil, Storage case



Transparent Suction Model

It is “Transparent” to understand anatomical structure.
Oral suction, nasal suction, tracheostomy cannula suction possible.



1. Can observe the inside.

You can observe tongue, epiglottis, trachea and esophagus as it is transparent from head to trachea. You can learn the nasal/ oral structure and relation between trachea and esophagus.

Can observe the inside.

*Do not use pseudo sputa.

2. Can check the tube location by using catheter with LED light.

Catheter with LED light comes with model. You can observe the catheter moving when suction.

Suction position of Pyriform sinus

Suction position of Pyriform sinus● Suction position of
Pyriform sinus

Suction position of Bronch1●Suction position of

*Do not use pseudo sputa.


1. Lifting up the head part



2. Moving the head part to left and right



3. Can check suction tube at various location.


Practice using pseudo sputa is not possible.

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